A Newfound Willingness

“I fought conformity… but I learned from the pain… I opened myself up to God’s grace and love” – DailyReflections 

Conformity. Authority. Compliance. Obedience. Abidance. Submission. Acquiescence, Willingness. Acceptance. These are words, ideas and concepts that were so abhorrent to me and that I fought tooth and nail against while growing up. “No one is going to tell me what to do or how to act.” That was my motto. I thought I knew it all at 12 years old, and continued to think that way for more than a decade after. In fact, if I’m perfectly honest, some part of me still rebels against authority and the willingness to conform to other’s suggestions (especially with my wife – lol). However, because of the program, another (bigger) part is now open to suggestions (thank God) from those who have what I want. It’s really because of newfound willingness, and then trying, embracing and incorporating those great suggestions, that ILML! 

– James

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