“In a study done at the University of California–Davis, subjects got more benefits from writing in a daily gratitude journal than those who wrote only weekly.” – Attitudes of Gratitude in Love 
Consistency in healthy habits that nourish my emotional health are the only way I can consistently love my life. And for me, loving life is what it’s all about. Just like most people, there are moments where I’m not shouting out “I Love my Life!” or feeling very happy at all. But I remember when I never, and then rarely, and then just sometimes loved my life. These days, as a direct result of consistently journaling, writing gratitude lists, going to meetings, fellowshipping with others, praying, meditating, doing yoga, exercising, eating healthy, studying inspirational books, working my steps, being self-supporting, keeping my commitments, aspiring to be a great man, and sending out recovery messages like this, a day has not gone by in many, many years where I don’t both feel and shout out… I LOVE MY LIFE!!!


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