True Win-Win Experiences

“All of us need to change for the better. We are the gardeners, the ones who help the flowers grow. Goodwill is not enough; we need to learn the art of making others happy.” – FEAR by Thich Nhat Hanh

If someone were to ask me, “Of all the things I do, what investment of time brings me the most and longest-lasting happiness?”, the answer would surely be bringing happiness to others. I’m not saying it’s better for me to help others than to help myself. I mean that when I can help another person to find happiness and fulfillment in their life, whether it’s a family member, friend, client, stranger or someone in the program, the act of helping them find it brings it to me as well. By working, studying, and applying to tools and secrets of the program in my life, I’m able to pass them (and my experience in using them) on to others. Occasionally this helps them invite more abundance into their lives. These are true win-win experiences, and each time they happen… ILML! 

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