No Room for Worrying

“I am a faith-filled and fear-free because… good is on the way.” – Until Today

Believing that great things are on the horizon is a direct result of focusing on the gratitude for the great things I have already witnessed, experienced and been blessed with. Being born into this world. My mommy holding me. My daddy throwing me into the air … and then catching me safety in his arms. Eating delicious foods. Swimming. Laughing. Running. Sleeping really soundly. Getting my first A in school. Earning my first dollar. Basking under the sun. Seeing a rainbow. Skiing down a white slope. Surfing a giant wave. Skateboarding down a hill. Kissing the girl I love. Seeing a whale. Holding my baby. Feeling safe in a meeting. Believing in God. Building a successful business. Hearing yes when I asked Dan to sponsor me. Discovering the Daily Deal. Others asking me to sponsor them. Learning to play guitar. Building a house. The list is endless. The reality for me is that when I focus on all the gifts of life, there’s no room inside of my head for worrying. And when I’m fear-free, ILML! 

– JamieQ

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