Snugly Tucked In

“Clutter and messiness, at home or in our mind, is one way of keeping people at a distance and isolating.”– Adopted from Courage to Change 

At a very young age I learned that if I kept my room clean I (1) wouldn’t get in trouble from my dad or mom, and (2) would get attention through praise that I did a good job. But being a really clean guy hasn’t prevented my mind from getting cluttered with toxic thoughts. And I’ve noticed a correlation between stinking thinking and messiness. The more cluttered up my mind is with uncomfortable thoughts, the more cluttered and messy my car and desk at work become. I can turn it all around instantly just by focusing on principles of the program like gratitude, service, spirituality, optimism, success, and love. Reading inspirational books, writing g-lists, sending out inspirational texts, journaling, praying, meditation, working with others, and attending meetings, help me get back to the center of the lifeboat. And when I’m snugly and warmly tucked in, safely surrounded by all of you, ILML! 

– JamieQ

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