30 Days of Self-Love

After years and years of guilt, shame, resentment, hurt, struggle, criticism, failures, and weakness, most of us have learned to dislike so many things about us that we barely even acknowledge ourselves when we look in the mirror. We look at our hair, our skin, or some imperfection we wish wasn’t there. So how do we turn it all around, so that we not only look at ourselves, but love what we see and who we are? This is how I did it…

Now before you read this suggestion, I should tell you that your dis-ease, that part of you that wants to keep you down, will think this is stupid, useless and conceited. But if you really want to love yourself, I urge you to try this for 30 days straight and then see how you feel. It doesn’t matter if you’re just acting the part and don’t believe what you’re saying—just give it your best shot. Look into the mirror each morning and say the following words out loud, with the most enthusiasm you can muster up: 

Wow, look at you! You’re beautiful/handsome! You’re amazing! You’re smart and creative! You’re kind and compassionate! You’re responsible and unselfish! You’re the best person I know! You’re so awesome! I love being you!

This worked for me, and today I believe every word of it I say each morning. When I spend the time to take actions that are loving to myself, I do a much better job at loving others, and inevitably… ILML! 

– JamieQ

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