Finding Happiness & Love

“When you move past good and bad you become less concerned about outcome… it’s often not the experience that matters as what you do with that experience.” –
This excerpt comes from an article about the Tao parable of the farmer and his horse. The neighbor keeps saying “That’s really bad,” and “Thats’s great!” depending upon what happens to the farmer. But the farmer always replies “We’ll see”. The author talks about how often things in the world (and in his life) at first appeared bad, only to later result in some goodness. I was the child and sibling of alcoholics/addicts, and later an alcoholic/addict myself. Today I’m a sober, active member of both AA and Al-anon and am able to inspire others by sharing my experience, strength and hope with them. Ironically, I actually found in the 12 step rooms the happiness, love and life I had always sought in booze, pot, pills and cocaine. Truly, luckily, because of the program, and doing the daily deal, ILML!

– JamieQ

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