Abundance Keeps Flowing

“… running conversations in my head with people who are not with me, or going over and over some possibility or fear… I was entirely ready to have God remove this.” — Reaching for Personal Freedom, Step Six

Stinking thinking makes me crazy and miserable. It’s a defect I can certainly live without. To better understand steps six and seven, I read and studied the books Drop the Rock and You Can’t Make Me Angry. The newfound knowledge helped me learn how to become aware of, and discard, those attitudes and behaviors that no longer serve me, saving me (and others) from unnecessary pain and suffering.

I’m certainly not perfect, and have by no means eradicated all my defects, but as long as I continue to keep an open mind, and do the daily spiritual and recovery work necessary to grow, abundance keeps flowing in and… ILML! 

– JamieQ

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