Creating Less Wreckage

“… awareness is often followed by a period af acceptance before we can take action.” – Courage to Change 

In the past, when someone said something to me, or someone failed to live up to a promise, or something happened that didn’t meet up with my expectations, I reacted—immediately. Words would fly out of my mouth, and I’d often take actions that would make an uncomfortable situation much worse. Even today, when I’m off my game, I’ve been known to react without pausing and gracing the space. But the program teaches me that there’s a much healthier choice when my expectations don’t materialize: to keep my mouth shut, to take some time to get into acceptance, and then respond to the situation in a way I’ll be proud of later. The less reactive I am, the less wreckage I create, and the more… ILML! 

– JamieQ

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