Belief’s Empirical Evidence

“… a loving Higher Power is always present.” – In God’s Care

Really? Evidence points to fact. Proof asserts a fact irrefutably. Scientists use the term “empirical proof” or “empirical evidence”. And there is absolutely no empirical evidence to support the existence of God. About half of the founders of AA doubted the existence of God (see We Agnostics). So why believe in something that absolutely can’t be proven? 

Because the benefits of belief in God actually have been proven. That’s why billions—yes, with a B—believe in a God of their understanding. I’ve also discovered, from personal experience, that the deeper my belief, trust, and reliance upon my higher power is, the more emotional, spiritual and physical benefits I receive. The healthier I feel. The happier I am. The easier life is. The better my relationships are with others. Which means that I’m actually living proof that this belief in a higher power thing actually works. 

The simple truth is that when I work diligently to maintain my spiritual connection by consistently using the tools of the program… ILML! 

– JamieQ

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