I Am A Success

“Your power is so strong that whatever you believe comes true.” – The Mastery of Love  

If you had made that statement to me 20 or 30 years ago, I would have responded with a list of reasons why it’s patently false. That’s because I misunderstood what I believe the author is talking about. 

I think what he means is that if I believe I’m a failure, and keep saying it, I will be a failure. If I believe I’m a success, and keep saying it, I will be a success. If I believe I’m unhappy and life sucks, and keep saying it, I will be miserable and see life through those lenses. And if I believe I love my life, and keep saying it, I will love my life. 

Nothing happens for me instantly, but through repetition, consistency, and dedication to my words, thoughts and actions, I am growing into the person I want to believe I am – a great man. And most importantly, throughout that process… ILML!! 

– JamieQ

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