Co-Creating with God

“I’m beginning to enjoy the view and the cool breeze on my face with my delightful constant companion, my Higher Power.” – 12 Step Prayer Book, The Bike Ride

This is my favorite story about God. Imagining my Higher Power on a tandem bike with me peddling and my HP fully in control of our destination is the best way for me to live my life. God-Guided, so to speak. Rather than me trying to create my destiny, I get to co-create a life with God.

I’m co-creating with God when my actions are filled with love, my intent is kindness and compassion, I’m being honest with myself and others, I’m living with integrity, I’m helping others because I truly care about their well-being, I’m staying out of self-pity and resentment, and I’m making a conscious decision to love my life.

In order to give myself the best chance possible to co-create with God, I take time out each day to plug into source, to read from inspirational books, to take my inventory, to share recovery and gratitude with others, to exercise, to attend to my various responsibilities, and to try to be the best man I can possibly be.

Co-creating with God is magical. It brings peace, harmony, happiness, fun, laughter, joy, smiles and wonderment into my life and the lives of others. And every time I’m co-creating with God, ILML!

– JamieQ

One thought on “Co-Creating with God

  1. This is a great post which does indeed remind me of my Bicycle trip across the United States. When I trusted HP and really relied on his guidance. This is not unlike any other day in our recovering lives… when we choose to surrender to win; but it was a special time where HP showed me things i could have never seen on my own or just sitting in my subsidized apartment in the Safety and security of Newton, MA. Not that this wasn’t also the best time of my life as well.. Letting Go and allowing Him to provide for me gave me also the best 10 years of my life in that great area of Boston, and where I met JQ and certainly a place that i would love to be in again …


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