Focus on the Here & Now

Focus on the Here & Now

“It’s difficult to stay in the present… I start living simultaneously in the past and the future.” — Adapted from Hope for Today, p.158

Every time I feel uncomfortable, it’s frequently because I’m upset about something that has already happened or worried about something that may happen. More often than not I’m in both places at once, thinking about the past and scared about the future. Sometimes my thoughts go like this, “Oh my God, look what happened. Now what’s going to happen?“.

Books have been written about the importance of staying in the moment, where neither the present nor the past exists, and for good reason. If I’m interested in being a piece, comfortable in my own skin, and enjoying life one moment at a time (which I am), it’s best for me to give both the past and the future to my higher power, and keep my focus on the here and now, where everything really is fine and… ILML!

— JamieQ

Focusing on Love

“Love is the most important word in the English language” -The 5 Love Languages

When I was a little boy our friends next door were Catholics and let me go with them to church. Our family was not religious. I asked my daddy once “what is God?”. He told me God is love, like how you feel when mommy holds you tight. In recovery, when choosing a higher power, love formed the basis of my belief. Always, but especially when I’m feeling sad, angry or frustrated, if I pause & focus, feel, think and act in Love/God, my life gets better. I do that a lot now, which I think, is one of the main reasons ILML!