A Comprehensive Program of Action to Love My Life

“Spiritual awakening… as a result of working the steps… I developed a deeper relationship with a loving higher power… drinkers… are wonderful, and valuable individual who have been affected by the disease… I try to carry this message… practicing these principles in all my affairs has change my life… family relationships… interaction with others… problems are more easily resolved… less judgmental… more accepting… better equipped to accept what I cannot change, and live life as it happens.” — Reaching for Personal Freedom

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I’ve been working a program for a long time, or that I’m more spiritually connected than my first 20 years sober, but when I read from this Reaching for Personal Freedom it’s very hard not to highlight almost every word. The ideas resonates so deeply with my core beliefs.

I’ve come to realize that getting sober was just the beginning.

Getting a sponsor was just the beginning.

Going through the steps was just the beginning.

Going to meetings was just the beginning.

Sponsoring others was just the beginning.

Learning to pray and meditate was just the beginning.

Being of service and sponsoring others was just the beginning.

Journaling on a daily basis was just the beginning.

Opening up my mind to higher consciousness through listening to podcasts, watching videos, and reading from others who inspire me was just the beginning.

The substance, value, effectiveness and rewards of my program have come from consistently putting it all together, one day at a time. By working a comprehensive program of action…


Able to Love Myself

“My body is a gift to me from my Higher Power. Maintaining it in the best possible condition is my response to God’s gift… Thank You for my body.” — Food for Thought

We don’t talk too much about taking care of our body in our program. But without the body we wouldn’t exist. Prior to recovery, I treated my body like a punching bag, testing how hard I could abuse it without making me sick or dying. These days, I spend a fair amount of time thinking about my health and taking actions to stay healthy. I eat better foods in smaller portions, and I stretch and exercise almost every day. I certainly don’t do it perfectly. However, being consistently kind to my body pays off big dividends in both my self-esteem and my attitude. And when I’m able to love myself and act kindly towards others, abundance in every area flows into me and ILML! 

– JamieQ