The Attitude Inventory

“Our old negative ways of handling things… not only harm us… others as well… they cut us off from God… When I am down, I need to take an inventory of my attitude” — In God’s Care

i don’t like having a bad attitude, it’s not fun for me or those around me. I always know when it’s bad – I either feel bad or others comment that in either not being very nice or don’t seem happy. When I’m sick and tired of having a bad attitude I get into action. 

Here’s how I do my written attitude inventory:
(1)  I write down how my attitude’s been and how I would like it to be. 

(2) I identify who and what I’m angry or disappointed about, recognizing that this is affecting my attitude. 

(3) I write down my part, and how I can improve & behave differently in the future.

(4)  I make a gratitude list, reminding myself that there is way more to be grateful for than upset about. 

(5) I practice detaching from toxic thoughts, situations and people, so I can stay in the attitude of gratitude and just love life! 

It works when I work it! First day beck in Maui today and ILML! 

— JamieQ

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