I Was Helped

There comes a time… where nothing seems to go your way… to turn out right… you just can’t seem to find your place… that’s when you need someone… when all your faith is gone… feels like you can’t go on… let it be me.” — Ray Lamontagne
I heard this song on Pandora. It struck me as exactly what the program has done for me. I got to that place where I so desperately needed help and the program was there. I got hugs, nods of heads, smiles, laughs and the ability to safely tell someone all my fears and pains, and be loved and accepted. I was helped when I needed it. My Sponsor is always there for me. I am always there for my Sponsees. What a blessing and a great gift the program has been to me. It’s life changing and, because of it, ILML! 
— JamieQ

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