Remember the Good Stuff

“I will gain more understanding when I realize… I have been a captive audience for the reruns of my life.” – Until Today

  1. If I insist on replaying the past, why not remember the good stuff? The truth is, there are way more happy moments in my past than sad ones. Simple things like a drink of ice cold water on a hot day, that great wave I rode with my son watching, or getting a kiss from my wife after waking up from a deep sleep. So many simple pleasures in life. Yeah. The next time I start down memory lane I’ll remind myself to remember the good stuff. ILML! 

— JamieQ

2 thoughts on “Remember the Good Stuff

  1. For me it’s a lot of things that are wonderful about being recovered from my addiction to alcohol food is one I remember when I drank I could hardly hold it down sometimes, I could go on & on but I will leave it to others to fill in the blanks. Happy in Sobriety.


    • I love food now too! Though about a year ago I gave up grain, oil, potatoes, and beans, to the dismay of my many health conscious friends that said some of those are really good for you. Honestly, it was tough, especially not eating warm bread at dinner. The good news is that I still eat sugar (which my friends say is horrible for me), and I have plenty of energy now and am trim and strong. ILML!, and I love my sweets 🙂


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