Staying out of Outcomes

“When I put the 7th Step into action I must remember that there are no blanks to fill in. It doesn’t say, “Humbly asked him to (fill in the blank) remove our shortcomings.” Four years, I filled in the imaginary blank with “Help me!” “Give me the courage to,” and “Give me the strength,” etc. The only footwork I must do is “humbly ask,” which for me means asking with the knowledge that of myself I am nothing, the father within “doeth the works.”– Daily Reflections 7/20

This quote shows me how much I still do try to use self-will and control outcomes in my life. I often ask for my HP to “give me the courage” or “give me the strength” opposed to completely turning my person, place, thing, or situation over to him and knowing that whatever happens is exactly what is supposed to happen according to God’s will. 

My job is to turn it over and take the next right indicated action and that’s it. Today I’m going to stay out of outcomes, realize that I only need to do the work to stay spiritually connected, and accept everything that happens as being God’s will. ILML!

— JasonW

One thought on “Staying out of Outcomes

  1. So right! Once I identify the problem and realize I need help, I can simply say “Hey God, this is too rough for me to handle alone so I’ll turn the whole thing over to you. Here ya go… thanks!” That’s humility, to admit I can’t handle it. Once I do that, and then give it completely over to my HP, I’m free! – James


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