The Life Boat

“Your pain… is the result of what you are telling yourself about yourself, about others, about situations or circumstances.” — Until Today
I often tell my friends “Be careful of what you’re speaking aloud, your brain is listening.” Repeating the problem over and over, enlarges the problem. 

My way out is to set a timer and give myself 15 minutes to: (1) Identify the problem. (2) Seek an answer that doesn’t require ‘them’ or ‘it’ to change. (3) Apply the solution or give it to God. If in 15 minutes I am still focused on the problem, I haven’t applied the solution or surrendered the problem, so it’s time for me to use my recovery tools to get reconnected to source and back into gratitude. 

Not so easy, but it’s a simple way for me to stay out of the Blame & Shame Game and get back into the Life Boat. ILML! 

— JamieQ


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