The Key to Living Happy

“God can be your shield. Then no problems of the world can harm you. Between you and all scorn and indignity from others is your trust in God, like a shining shield. Nothing can then have the power to spoil your inward peace.”– 24 Hours a Day 7/28
This tells me that no matter what the situation may be, no matter how much I dislike it, I have no reason to be upset. If I truly trust in my higher power, then I know that everything happens exactly as it is supposed to. Nothing is an accident. If I do my job, which is to stay connected to my higher power through AA meetings, helping others, my spiritual daily rituals, etc., then I can 100% trust in my higher power and there’s no reason to let anything seriously upset me. 

This is easier said than done a lot of the time. But, I think this is the key to living happy, joyous, and free on a daily basis. Through the tools that we have been given from this program, I am set free no matter what happens. ILML!

— JasonW

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