My Best Plan is not THE Best Plan

“When we hold loosely to our daily plans, we are more open to knowing the will of our higher power. Then each day is a spiritual process. It becomes a combined creation of our higher power and our own consciousness.”– Touchstones 8/4

My self-will wants to have everything planned out how I think it should be to get what I want. But I now know after years of being sober and working this program that my best plan is not the best plan. If I got everything that I wanted I would very likely be in big trouble. When I stay close to my higher power through the tools of this program I am able to relax and take the next right indicated action. The tools of the program such as praying/meditating, spiritual reading and writing, meetings, etc. allow me to be open to my higher power. When I let go and let my higher power guide me, I live happy, joyous, and free; I am open to abundance and I become exactly who I am supposed to be. Today I’ll relax and know that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. ILML!

β€” JasonW

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