Instant Peace & Quiet

“… relive the past or experience the future before it arrives… in between these two extremes is peace.” Author Unknown
How can I get my mind to shut off the thoughts from the past and worries of the future? How can I stop letting the outcome of expectations dictate my happiness? How can, in the face of perceived wrongness and discord, find acceptance and joy? By practicing the many recovery tools I take the needle off that scratchy record as quickly as possible, getting instant peace & quiet. Today I’m doing the “deal” and my misery is running on empty — while my peace tank is almost full to the top. The more I can keep that ratio just like that, the more ILML!

— JamieQ 


2 thoughts on “Instant Peace & Quiet

  1. True. The peace doesn’t happen by accident, nor come to us as a gift from the sky, it takes work. Generally the need for the work becomes apparent when the peace tank is running low. Love your vision to simply work to keep it full regardless of the current situation.


    • Thanks! You’re so right on both accounts. You get what you give; put in a lot, get back a lot. And it’s true that when I’m in dis-ease it’s a gentle (or sometimes not so gentle) reminder that it’s time to dig deeper in my program of action.

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