Obsessed with Love

“Make you the reflection of love that you want to give to the world.” – Adapted from The Five Minute Miracle (see link below)

Why am I so obsessed with love? I yell out ‘I love my life’ many times each day. I look in the mirror and say I love you with meaning. I tell my family and close friends I love them all the time. Here’s why: showing love and being loved makes me feel so good. And by doing the daily rituals to evolve myself into the best man I can be, the amount of love I am able to give and receive continuously grows. The rewards are well worth the effort – believe me. This path of love I’m on is the bomb. ILML! 

2 thoughts on “Obsessed with Love

    • I just realized that I missed your comment and wanted to say thank you. I’m grateful to have an open heart. I was so scared before. Have a life-loving day!


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