Recognizing the Cycle

“I can love them for who they are, instead of who I think they should be.” – Courage to Change
When I’m upset about someone, I’m usually thinking about how I wish they world talk, think, or act. I’m focused on the part of them that doesn’t meet my needs or expectations. I’m looking at them like a glass half empty, and the more I magnify their shortcomings, the less happy I am with them, and the worse our relationship becomes. By recognizing the cycle and focusing on all those things that are great about them, my opinion of them grows and our relationship gets better. Asking for my desires to be met is important. But if they don’t meet them, and I decide to remain anyway, why not focus on the good? Today I’ll let that person (you know who your “that person” is) know some of the things I really appreciate about them. ILML! 

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