Getting Upset

“Getting angry can sometimes be like leaping into a wonderfully responsive sports car, gunning the motor, taking off at high speed and then discovering the brakes are out of order.” — Maggie Scarf, Touchpoints

I had the pleasure tonight of getting upset. Someone who owed me money said he wasn’t going to pay, ever. Instead of saying thank you and hanging up, I let him take away my serenity for 45 minutes and ended up missing my favorite Maui AA meeting. I say pleasure though because I learned from it. My answer to his “unfairism” is now to send him a card that says “Thank you anyway and I wish you the very best in life.” Being loving – especially in these types of situations – is always the right thing to do because I feel better. I’ll send the letter tomorrow, but I already feel great knowing my resentment is gone. ILML!

– JamieQ

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