Life Loving Gifts

“Many people, nonalcoholics, report that as a result of the practice of A.A.’s Twelve Steps, they have been able to meet other difficulties of life… They see in them a way to happy and effective living…” – 12&12, p. 16 

I love AA and AlAnon. They’ve changed my life and brought me so much joy. The steps, traditions, tools, meetings, fellowship, spiritual component, and lessons of living I’ve learned all contributed to me loving life. Isn’t it about time that others who don’t qualify for our programs can receive some of these gifts? I think so, and I’m trying to make these life loving gifts more accessible to anyone with the desire to love their life more. Like the 11th step prayer says “… make me a channel of thy peace.” I love doing anything I can to bring happiness to others. And, ILML!

– JamieQ

2 thoughts on “Life Loving Gifts

  1. James, I totally agree with you on making the 12 Steps available for all. I wish it were taught in schools. The Big Book is just clear cut directions for a happy, peaceful life. Human behavior is human behavior and not exclusive to alcoholics. I always believe my malady is being human. Thanks for your inspiration!


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