The Ultimate Bonus

“… we abandon limited objectives…” – 12&12 p.69

Before the program I could never a acheive my objectives: to be successful, to have lots of amazing friends, to make a bunch of money, to have a lot of nice things, to do whatever I wanted, to fall in love, to have great kids, and to live happily ever after. So why now, only after joining the program and doing my rituals consistently have I been able to acheive all these goals? Because I work a great program, I love the man I’m becoming, I have a great core group of others who support me, I give back with no expectation of reward, and this giving is a great reward unto itself. And so abundance continues to rain down upon me as I put my program and service to others ahead of all else. Plus I receive the ultimate bonus, which is that ILML! 

– JamieQ

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