Stop Fearing

“When we’re in touch with the wonders of life, we become aware of many conditions of happiness that are already there, and naturally we feel happy.” – Thitch Nhat Han

So many books are written about being in the moment? Living in the now. I used to feel that some of the moments I was in were causing me terrible pain and suffering. The truth was, I was usually creating a painful experience in that moment by focusing my attention on some hurt in the past or unrealized fear in the future. As a result, my living in the moment wasn’t really living in the moment. Today, when I look around to realize how truly blessed I am to be alive and healthy, when I let go of the past and stop fearing the future, I am living in the moment and ILML! 

– JamieQ

9 thoughts on “Stop Fearing

    • So true. I use my program to stay out of fear and in faith. The poem on your blog, the one line “You my child I have big plans for”, is so true. It goes hand in hand with the 11th step prayer. You are becoming a channel of your higher power. And by doing so you can truly make a big difference in others’ lives!

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    • One of the greatest lines I’ve heard is “this too shall pass”. It me took awhile to discover that I can influence the amount of time it takes until the uncomfortable stuff passes by getting into action. Reading from my spiritual backpack, sharing gratitude lists with others via text, writing in my journal but not focusing on fears, praying in thanks, meditating, exercising, eating well, attending meetings, playing, working and helping others. It seems like a lot but it’s a wonderfully full life. These actions cause a perceptual shift that helps me love my life!

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  1. I love that I subscribed to “12 Step by James Q.
    Opening my email early In my morning meditations, & reading “The daily 12 Step Work”, by James Q.
    I have found it to be in sync with where I am In my life today! Almost always talks to me and sets me. straight In my head about what I am precisely going through today! I have a sneaky suspision thats no coinsidence! I thank my “HP” for pointing me In your direction & I Thank you, James Q. For your very humble yet loving commitment to your life & this wonderful service you provide to us…

    Today I will make a conscious effort to be In the moment – thus, I will be better able to recognise being spiritually fit & allow happiness In.
    I Love My Life Today
    Augie F.


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