Santa Made me Happy

“As you grow in the spiritual life, you will be enabled to do many things that seemed too hard for you before.” — 24 Hours a Day

Believing, trusting and having a relationship with God ALWAYS makes life better. Is it really possible that believing in something like Santa Clause can give you happiness, peace and abundance? Absolutely! Didn’t the idea of Santa make you happy when you were young? When I finally hit my emotional bottom in recovery I suspended my disbelief and dipped my toe into the God concept. The water wasn’t freezing. It felt nice. I put my foot in, then my leg, and finally I jumped in. It felt warm and luxurious. When I hang out with my higher power my struggles subside — happiness, peace and abundance flow in. The reality for me is that whenever God is by my side, ILML! 

— JamieQ

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