Abundance is Just Around the Corner

“Going it alone… is dangerous.” – As Bill Sees It

One of my favorite people, and a sponsee of mine, started putting a needle into his arm again. It’s heartbreaking. But our program always offers hope. With the consistent support, fellowship, and love from others in AA and AlAnon, we all have a chance at a great life, even after a relapse. By attending regular meetings, really digging in and doing the daily deal, and making it the number one most important thing in my life – even more important than my family, kids, work or money — I’ve been given a life beyond my wildest dream. Even so, no one, including me, is immune to relapse. My friend gets these messages, so I’ll say to him and everyone, however bad you may feel right now, this too shall pass if you get back into the solution, get to meetings, and work the program. You are loved and abundance really is right around the corner.  When I step up for myself, and make my program my number one priority, anything and everything wonderful is possible, and… ILML! 

– JamieQ

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