The Illuminating Source

“Internalize the positive and keep the negative at bay.” — Oprah… “Positive input nourishes me at every level.” — Deepak

Our program tells us that lack of power is our dilemma. We didn’t cause it, we can’t cure it, we can’t control it. So how then can we help to make sure that no negativity—or more specifically—no negative outcomes, occur in our life?

This is where the idea of detaching with love comes in. It’s easy to focus our attention on something that’s wonderful, something that feels good, or something that satiates a desire which we have had. But for many of us, it’s equally as easy to focus on something that is negative, something which causes hurt or fear, makeing us feel bad inside.

By mastering an awareness of the moment in which we feel uncomfortable, we empower ourselves with the ability to move away from those thoughts, feelings, actions, and words which cause us to feel unhappy, whether they’re coming from the outside, or from in ourselves.

In the beginning of this process, because we’re new at it, detaching can be awkward. I remember one of my sponsors saying to me, “If you can’t detach with love James, just detach with an axe. But for God’s sake, when things become toxic, get out of the situation or away from the person right away.”

Eventually, by doing the Daily Deal over and over again, infusing my mind, body and soul with positive affirmations and inspirational information, and then practicing those tools, I have learned how to quickly detach with love from most situations that I find cause me discomfort.

By gracing the space, even if just for a moment, I allow the illuminating source of light to enter me, giving me clarity of heart and mind, and preventing me from creating—or participating in—what easily could have been a catastrophe. And when that happens, instead of being unhappy… ILML!

— JamieQ

2 thoughts on “The Illuminating Source

    • Nice! Some years back one of my sponsees called me and told me that he, along with a couple other guys, were going to start writing and sharing their gratitude lists. Most of us had been writing them in our daily 10th step journals up until then.

      He asked if I wanted in, and I told him “Absolutely!” We started sending each other our lists every day.

      Today, I receive, on average, between 5-20 lists and share mine with even more people than that. Getting them from others reminds me to do mine, and allows me to see into their life, creating intimacy (into me you see).

      One if the guys that sends his list out almost always has at least 50 things on it… 50! And he manages to have new things, relevant specifically to his last 24 hours, every day. Delicious tomato soup, got my guitar tuned up, had a glorious nap for 20 minutes, etc. He also happens to be one of the guys that loves his life almost as much as I do (:-), primarily as a result of putting the Daily Deal ahead of everything else.

      Gratitude lists, making and sending them—and reading others—is a great way to increase our happiness.

      Thanks for your comment and your blog!!!

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