Loving Life is a Miracle

It’s impossible to feel like life is full of miracles while addicted to drugs and alcohol. But getting, and staying, sober wasn’t all I wanted—I wanted to love my life so much that I’d feel like shouting it out every day!

Today I do, and it’s amazing. Here are the three steps it took (and continue to take) to become someone who spends most of my time loving life, being happy, joyous and free.

The first step was for me to decide that, since I was now sober, becoming a life lover was my next top priority. More important than making money. More important than accomplishing other tasks. More important than putting others’ needs above mine. I became willing to take any and all positive actions I could to love my life. Not just like it, love it!

Once that commitment was out of the way, the second step was to have a consistent morning routine which included meditation, connecting with source, mirror talk, singing, dancing, showering and straightening up, exercising, reading and listening to things that are uplifting, writing out what your grateful for, and taking a written inventory of my last 24 hours and writing down how I felt at that moment. Sounds like a lot? It is. Nothing great happens without commitment and work. I spend a lot of time and do a lot of work each day to love my life, and it’s 100% worth the investment.

The third, and perhaps most important, way to assure that I would love my life, and continue to do so, was to share my passion for loving life with others and help them discover how to be a life lover. I do this in meetings (AA, AlAnon, NarAnon and Life Lovers) and with everyone I meet. There’s a sign on the front door to my office “If this door is locked we’re out loving life!”, and notes all over my home about gratitude and loving life. As we’ve heard many times, “We have to give it away to keep it”.

Today I choose to believe that EVERYTHING is a miracle, because when I live in that frame of mind… ILML!

4 thoughts on “Loving Life is a Miracle

  1. You would think sobriety is enough. No. I’ve fallen into the trap of being down and dour….not a good place for a “grateful alcoholic” with 38 years sobriety. Lately, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to attend ACofA to be at peace. Thank you so much for your article and thoughts….I’m buying more stick ‘ums and plastering my house with good thoughts. Have a peaceful, wonderful day.


    • Awesome! That’s my story. At 20 years sober I realized that I wasn’t happy, joyous and free. I want loving life to the fullest. This website was created to chronologize my path of discovering how to get launched into the forth dimension and have a life beyond my wildest dreams in sobriety. Today it’s just that… amazing, and I love my life. I just had to get into action and commit to spend an hour or two each day investing in the process – well worth it!


    • I call it Doing the Daily Deal. In fact, I’m doing a part of it right now. I’ve learned that being self-disciplined, consistent, and determined to work my program results in amazing growth and rewards.


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