Desires or Peace

“Sometimes… we wonder if our desires will ever be fulfilled… But some things take time. Be patient. Relax and trust. Let go. Then, let go some more. Good things are planned for us. Relax and trust.” – The Language of Letting Go

Today I know that not all my desires will lead to happiness. Some, if fulfilled, would cause me pain. Having faith that the loving energy of life (my HP) brings to me only the ones that help me love my life, is a great comfort today. In the past I’ve push and struggled to get the others, only to suffer later when I got what I asked for. Today, I relax and search for peace more than the fulfillment of my desires. And when I approach life like this, I can’t help but be grateful. ‘Thank you God for what you have given me, thank you for what you have taken away, but mostly, thank you for what is here now.’ ILML – James

Eternally Grateful

“Through prayer, and meditation I open channels, then establish and improve my conscious contact with God… By maintaining my spiritual condition, by giving away what had been so freely given to me, I am granted a daily reprieve.” – Daily Reflections

When I have it, money is nice. So is being married to my wonderful wife. As is owning a small business and being the father of 4 great kids. I’m grateful to live in a safe, cozy apartment (both in Maui and Santa Monica). But as great as it is to have these people, places and things in my life, they are the benefits of the peace I get from working the program, rather than the source of it. Without my commitment to the program, even if I had all these gifts, I couldn’t appreciate them or be happy. I thank the 12 steps and all of you for showing me the way. I am eternally grateful and ILML! – James

Peace of Mind

“We enjoy … real peace of mind. To those of us who have hitherto known only excitement, depression, or anxiety – in other words, to all of us – this newfound peace is a priceless gift…” 12&12

It took me some time to accept the fact that those three – excitement, depression, & anxiety – were very prevalent feelings in my life prior to recovery. Peace, serenity & balance were not goals I strived for (I thought they were boring). Today, my entire outlook of life has changed. Peace, serenity & balance are my best friends – and I derive delicious satisfaction and contentment from hanging out with them. The 12 steps have given me a new manual for living – a new purpose – and by following this simple design for living, I really have been launched into the 4th dimension. I know how truly lucky I am, which is why ILML so much! – James

Warrior Monk

“Meditation.. is essentially an individual adventure… it’s object is always the same: to improve our conscious contact with God… One if its fruits is emotional balance.” 12&12 p101-102

I was shown that how we discover a higher power, and what that higher power looks like, can be unique to each of us, if we want. That was the case for me. The same goes for meditation. I can easily get down on myself because I don’t meditate the way I think I’m supposed to (palms facing up on my crossed knees, sitting, back straight, eyes closed, like David Carradine in Kung Fu). But I’ve learned that I don’t need to be a warrior monk to meditate – even just closing my eyes and taking one slow deep breath in and out can be my meditation (try it now). Whatever brings peace in, is meditation – even just smiling, or writing this post. The adventure into recovery sure is fun – I never know where I’ll go, but I do know I will grow spiritually along the way! ILML – James